The University.

The Project represents a spatial layout design for public Internet access point.
Carpenters4you made the whole project and supervise it until commisioning.
This volume work includes different trades, welding, electrical, computer providers, and carpenters . The work is conducted in 3 stages:

Stage 1
Design included coordination with the client and drawing was made after measurements was taken.

Stage 2
Development of element off the shop floor, metal and wood. The supporting structure is made of a hollow metal profile welded and painted . The panels are made of lacquered MDF with various thikness ( 18,25 and 36 mm . ) and chipboard .
MDF cut into circular and its periphery is cut channel for fitting holy diode bar ( LED strip ). After grinding the panel is painted with 4 layers of paint – base and finish coat.
Electricians put LED strip and soldering connections ends. Testing and package.

Stage 3
Site Installation. The supporting frame is fixed to the ceiling and floor using anchors. The finished structure is covered by Reflective light base by carpenters. The construction has access openings for lights and computers. Each element has a specific location and number according drawings. Closely monitored arrangement and distance between the joints . Electricians connect cables behind decorative wall and put transformers. Installed is basically becoming inextricably board and is powered by electricity . There are also tests. After completing the carpentry work the computer was fitted. Follow testing and working in to network. Vent ducts for computers and transformers for lighting was fitted.

Stage 4
Installation of the finish , suspended ceiling and baseboards . Have been replaced and the other two doors to keep the design. Commisioning and final protocol for acceptance was signed.